Okay so you got your can of spotted dick and now you are ready to try this traditional English dessert that dates as far back as the early 1800′s. How do you heat this concoction up?
There are quite a few ways to get your spotted dick ready for eating. The traditional way is steaming it. You can steam it right in the can. In a saucepan add enough water for the can of spotted dick to float. Bring the water to a slow steady boil. Boil the can for around thirty to thirty five minutes. Make sure that the water level is always high enough for the can to float. If the can does not float add more water until it floats.

After the thirty five minutes is up, it is time to open your can of hot sponge pudding. You will need a can opener and you will need to open the end of the can that says “Open this end first.” Place a cloth on top of the can and over the can opener before you begin opening the can. This will prevent spurting. Nobody wants a spurting spotted dick.

Once the top is removed run a knife along the inside of the can. Turn the can over onto a plate and remove the bottom of the can. Press the pudding out of the can onto the plate. Viola, you now have plate of nice warm spotted dick!

You can also cook your sponge pudding in the microwave. Open the end of the can labeled “Open this end first.” Run a knife along the inside of the can. Turn the can over onto a microwave safe plate and remove the other end of the can. Press the spotted dick onto the plate. Cover it with a microwave safe bowl and heat for 1.5 to 2 minutes. Let it stand for an additional two minutes.

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